Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) – What is it?


Scalp Micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that gives the illusion of thousands of shaved hair follicle on a bald head. The outcome of the procedure is that you no longer look bald, instead, you look like you choose to keep your head shaved.


The Scalp Micropigmentation process involves the implanting of thousands of microdots by way of a specialist tattoo needle, but unlike tattoos, these dots do not go deep and therefore avoid the blueing effect that an aged tattoo would. The dots mimic a shaved stubble effect on the scalp and completely cover the balding area giving the image of a full head of hair shaved down.
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SMP Treatment – Other Applications

SMP Scar Coverage
Many people have scars on their head either from surgery or an accident that can be visible on the hair. Our SMP scar coverage treatment can hide the scare permanently by darkening the white scar tissue to match the hair color.
SMP Density effect for Thinning hair
For those who are not bald but have areas that show the scalp through the hair. Particularly common with darker hair. The Density effect treatment we provide will darken the scalp in areas that seem “thinned”, therefore hiding the lighter colour of the scalp skin and giving the effect of density.
SMP Treatment for Women’s Hair Loss
Hair loss is not exclusive to men; many women also experience it differently. Women may observe gradual thinning of their hair, eventually making the scalp more visible. This is especially noticeable in darker hair. The "Density effect" treatment is employed to darken the scalp, reducing its visibility through thinning hair.
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